I lash Central, now offers both Classic Style Lash Training and or Advanced Russian Volume Style training for apprentice program. It is a one day training that includes the following:

  • Basic Business practice
  • Lash Anatomy and Growth
  • Products and how to use them
  • Handling tweezers
  • Classic Lash Application Method
  • techniques in isolation
  • Proper Cleaning and prepping of lashes
  • Use of Eye Gel pads and or taping
  • Adhesive Safety and use
  • Preparation Before Appointments
  • Reactions and Sensitivities
  • Client Consultation
  • Proper Hygiene and Safety
  • Discuss bad candidates for lashing
  • Advanced Lash designs
  • Maintaining Healthy Lashes
  • Aftercare Steps
  • Equipment use

The first two hour portion of the class will be all theory. The second part of the class will be three hour application with a live model.



Class cost for Classic Basic Training is either:

$699.00: includes Basic kit, instructor training fee, and manual


$899.00: includes Full kit, instructor training fee, and manual


Class cost for Volume Training:




For any questions and registration, feel free to email us at


Must be licensed to practice in the U.S.



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